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Stellar Beans

Black Tea

China Black - A great every day tea. Known as red tea in China. The tea's liquor is bright red and slightly astringent, but not bitter. Makes a good breakfast tea or iced tea.

Royal Earl Grey – a blend of Indian and Ceylon teas flavored with oil of bergamot, extracted from the rind of bergamot oranges.

Peach Black - This fine loose leaf black tea is lightly flavored with peach and blended with real fruit pieces. A warm-weather favorite when iced, our peach tea is just as delicious brewed hot.

Passion Fruit Black Tea  - This is a fine loose leaf black tea, lightly flavored with passion fruit and blended with real fruit pieces. A delightful tea, hot or iced!

Raspberry Tea, Black– this is a flavored black tea. Lightly flavored with raspberry and featuring real fruit pieces in the blend, it also makes a fine iced tea for warm weather sipping.

Darjeling ­- The finest teas out of India, it is made from the small-leaved Chinese variety of Camellia sinensis. TGFOP: Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe. It produces a light colored liquor with a floral aroma.

Masala Chai - In Indian culture, 'Masala' means 'a blend of spices', and 'chai' simply means 'tea.' So, Masala Chai is literally 'spiced tea.' This Indian drink combines black tea with warming cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Warm and inviting fragrance, zesty flavor, and invigorating, aromatic finish.

Green Tea

Sencha Green - an excellent green tea from Japan. This tea is harvested in early spring and is characterized by its long, flat leaves. It features a strong aroma and full flavored taste.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Green – A green tea base lightly flavored with cherry and blended with rose petals and hibiscus. This tea is absolutely delicious and should be considered a “must try.” It brews up an infusion with a flavor almost like fruit punch when sweetened.

Morrocan Mint - A delightful and exotic blend of green tea and mints, with a hint of lemon.

Jasmine Green - Exceptional quality green tea from Fuzhou, scented with real jasmine flower petals.

White Teas

Bai Mu Dan White – Mild and floral aroma. Low caffeine. It’s a type of White Tea made from plucks, each with one leaf shoot and two immediate young leaves.

Mango Mimosa White - Large peony white tea leaves are flavored with mango and champagne and then hand blended with herbs, flower petals and real fruit pieces. The earthy flavor of the white tea is a great match for the sweetness of the mango, especially after being rounded out by the floral notes from the petals. With a soft body, but still full of flavor, this tea is crisp and lively and will be enjoyed hot or iced.

Herbal Tea

Chamomile - From Egypt. The small flowers of this golden herb from Egypt has long been a favorite elixir for relaxing oneself and calming down at the end of a long day. These blossoms have the aroma of apples and honey, and actually tastes delicious with a touch of honey. No caffeine.

Lemon Grass - From Southeast Asia, it has a mild lemon flavor, a beautiful yellow color and no caffeine.

Spearmint Leaf Tea - Real spearmint leaf tea. Minty-sweet. Cool and refreshing. Great with a touch of honey, hot or iced. A very soothing tea, suggested for calming an upset stomach.  Caffeine free.

Citrus Chamomile – A mix of Chamomile and lemon grass teas, a mild lemon flavor to compliment the chamomile, very soothing and delicious with a touch of honey. Caffeine free.

Strawberry Kiwi - It's actually a "tisane", meaning there aren't any tea leaves in the blend, therefore there is no caffeine. A blend of hibiscus, rosehips, apple pieces, lemon peel and natural flavoring. Caffeine free.

African Red Roibos - this organic herbal red tea from South Africa is naturally sweet and nutty. The Roibos tea has many health benefits and nutrients (including Vitamin C, potassium, and calcium), and is naturally caffeine free. It makes for a mildly sweet iced tea, or a delicious hot infusion. Caffeine free.

Lemon-Ginger Sunrise Tea – This tisane combines ginger, lemon grass, lemon peel and licorice to make this mélange of a flavorful drink, hot or cold. Caffeine free.

Blue Eyes Fruit Tea - A caffeine free, delicious thirst quencher! This tisane is a blend of hibiscus, rosehips, apple pieces, orange pieces, corn flowers, and natural rhubarb flavoring. Caffeine free.

Hibiscus - real hibiscus flowers cut and sifted, making them perfect for blending with tea. Add a tart flavor plus fun purple color to your tea. Hibiscus can be a tea on it’s own or mixed with any tea from black to green to mate and in our opinion is perfect for iced teas and summer beverages. Caffeine Free.

Yerba Mate - Yerba Mate is a small shrub; a species of holly plant. The flavor of brewed Yerba Mate is strongly vegetal, herbal, and grassy. It is similar to a green tea, but much stronger in flavor. A versatile leaf, it does not become bitter with over-steeping, making it very accessible to try for the inexperienced tea drinker.  Contains caffeine. 

Oolong Tea

Formosa Oolong -  A great tea, hot or iced. Lots of character. The origin of the name Oolong has many theories. One is that because the tea leaves are dark, long and curly, it was called Black Dragon tea. From China.

Acai Berry Oolong Tea - Sechung Oolong is a unique tea with a true depth of flavor. It has many hidden floral and fruity notes just waiting to be unlocked by the right pairing. Acai berry is the key to unlocking those deeper, richer flavors. Together they make a tea that is light on the tongue but tastes full bodied with sweet, satisfying and refreshing flavors.

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